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How to Eat at every SouthSide Winter Restaurant Week Restaurant in 7 days – Day 1

How to Eat at every SouthSide Winter Restaurant Week Restaurant in 7 days

OMG – #GetInMyBelly

My favorite week of winter has arrived. Put on your stretchy pants, it’s go time!
Join me each day to explore all the fantastic dishes and cuisines from across the world!


Breakfast – Absolutely, 100 percent, I’m going to ROASTED. Roasted, the second it opens. And I’m getting the CINNAMON BUN PANCAKES, along with a Wendy Omelet (not on the RW menu, but I literally can’t enter Roasted without ordering it – it speaks to my soul). The Cinnamon Bun Pancakes are part of Roasted’s Winter Restaurant Week Menu, and I’m prepared to do my part as the Downtown Manager and order a stack each day of Restaurant Week. I know. I’m a hero.

Lunch – Come to me GENERAL ZAPATA. I need your CHIPS-N-SALSA, your CHICKEN BURRITO, and a CHURRO with CHOCOLATE SAUCE – this is all on their Lunch Menu for $9.99…..I’ll say that again – all for $9.99. And it’s absolutely the yummiest, most authentic Mexican food you’ll ever have.

Dinner – Dinner has come. And I’m ready to go to Italy, where BUDDY V’S RISTORANTE is calling my name. My perfect picks from their three-course menu are – TOMATO BASIL SOUP, GRILLED CHICHEN & BROCCOLINI ALFREDO, and ITALIAN RUM CAKE.  Their RUM CAKE is absolutely perfect with any cup of coffee, and made with candied orange, bitter sweet chocolate mousse, and rum anglaise. Ciao Bella, I’ll be back.

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