Located in the heart of Downtown Bethlehem, the Southside Arts District (SSAD) began in 2015 as a revitalization initiative of the Bethlehem Economic Development Corporation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose focus is to connect and engage the Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley communities with local SouthSide businesses, as well as artists and musicians through several exciting monthly and yearly events such as First Fridays, Chili Fest, Cocktail Crawls, and more. We are the Lehigh Valley’s home base for art, music, entertainment, dining, and shopping.


Our Mission

The SouthSide Arts District’s mission is to build upon the community's vibrant and innovative artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial heritage to support and enhance economic development in South Bethlehem.

Our Culture

We are committed to maintaining an open and communicative relationship with our partners and community members. We work to promote acceptance, foster diversity, and encourage unique and eclectic projects and ideas. We believe community is an art form that is built through hard work and passion, but cultivated through care, honesty, and innovation.

Our Vision

The Southside Arts District’s vision is to be recognized as the most dynamic and welcoming place in the country for existing businesses to thrive and for new businesses to launch.