Public Art Project for 2022 – a Steps Mural

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Creative expression through art has long been seen as a way to reduce stress. But did you know viewing it can too? Particularly public art? It’s true!

Many times public art invokes a feeling in the viewer. That feeling of awe and wonder helps your body reduce its cortisol levels – the chemical largely responsible for stress! Especially if you walk and explore.

We were extremely excited to learn about this – because The SouthSide Arts District wants to become the Lehigh Valley’s mecca for public art.  Each year we work tirelessly to create opportunities for local artists to transform the streetscape of South Bethlehem into their canvas. Through grants, events and fundraising we are able to pay artists for their work,  as well as all the extra costs that go along with installing public art. Over the last three years the SouthSide Arts District has completed the following projects:

• Artistic Designed Flower Pots
• Downtown Murals
• Greenway ArtsWalk
• Artistic Designed Bike Racks
• Public Piano

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And our 2022 project is big – a Street Mural at 3rd and Adams streets and we need your help!  Please consider donating to help make this project a reality and keep our public art goals alive for 2021!


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